How To Lace Up Jordan 1s the Right Way?

Classic Jordan 1s are a sneaker style that transcends sports. One can look good with Jordan 1 whether one is dressed for a casual weekend or is a dedicated follower of street fashion. However, mastering the art of shoelace tying is essential to get your money’s worth out of your footwear purchases.

We’ve covered some frequently asked questions, the history of the Jordan 1, and advice on customizing. There were also instructions on tying the laces for optimal comfort and aesthetic appeal. It’s almost time to leave!

Overview of Jordan 1

Because of Michael Jordan’s legendary status as a basketball player, the Air Jordan 1 has been a best-seller since its release in 1985. Many different iterations of the boots in different colors and designs have been reissued over the years, piquing the interest of sneakerheads and collectors.

Combining the Wings logo, the Nike Swoosh, and the Air Jordan logo on the tongue gives each pair of Jordan 1s a distinct and instantly recognizable design. All these things have contributed to the shoes’ popularity since their debut over thirty years ago. Putting one on is more than just a fashion statement; it expresses who you are.

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the Air Jordan 1s are also reasonably comfortable and well-fitting due to their breathable cloth upper and cushioned sole unit. Given their inimitable blend of comfort and design, it’s easy to see why these shoes have endured for so long.

Materials needed to lace up

You should always leave the house with these standard accessories for your Air Jordan 1s. With laces, it is easier to tie your shoes. The shoes may be given a new look simply by switching out the shoelaces, which come in many colors and patterns. If you commit to working out with your laces knotted, buying a shoelace lock is a good idea.

If you tie your shoes and realize you need scissors, having an extra shoelace on hand will be a huge relief. In case any alterations or repairs need to be made, a needle and thread are also helpful to have on hand. Finally, amass the tools you’ll need, such as paper and a pen, to record the rules in writing.

If you’ve got all these bases covered, slipping on a pair of Air Jordan 1s shouldn’t be much of a challenge. These decorations allow you to express yourself freely and give your shoes a unique style.

Step-by-step guide for lacing up

Putting on your Jordan 1s is easy, even though it can initially look complicated. Ascertain which way the shoe’s eyelets should be threaded. The two most prevalent techniques are crisscrossing and straight lacing. Straight lacing requires every eyelet to be stitched in a straight line from top to bottom. Each lace in a crisscross lacing design is threaded through one eyelet before crossing over to the next.

Selecting your lacing technique is the first thing you should do. After that, one end of the lace should be placed through the higher eyelet. Once you reach the shoe’s sole, turn around and thread them through the next eyelet. Tie off both ends of the lace after threading it through the corresponding eyelets to tighten it.

Once your feet are in the correct place, give the laces a good, strong tug on both ends. Alternating the sequence in which you pass through the pairs of eyelets is one technique to keep the tension even on both sides. Once the eyes have been laced, the remaining thread can be tucked into the bottom eyelet. This is the best thing you can do to enhance the quality and appearance of your sneakers.

You can wear your Air Jordan 1s confidently, knowing they are perfectly laced for optimal comfort and style if you carefully follow these rules.

Tips and tricks

  • The Jordan 1 requires precise sizing to ensure a fashionable and comfortable fit. The following rules and procedures should be followed to guarantee that everything goes as planned:
  • Fold it up to organize it. Tuck the strings in if you don’t want them to appear clumsy, dangling out the sides of your shoes. Any well-made shoe is complete with a perfect pair of shoelaces.
  • Harmony of colors: Make sure the laces match the color of your shoes for the most remarkable potential appearance. You can easily convey your originality by using unusual color palettes.
  •  Try incorporating other patterns into your design, including crisscrosses and loops, to add some flair. The safest way to tie these designs is to double up on the knots.
  • Aim for precision: To make walking and jogging simpler, loosen your shoelaces a little before you leave the house—just enough slack in the laces to make walking and running comfortable.
  • Always use two knots when tying your shoelaces together for maximum durability and safety. This measure will give you peace of mind that they will hold up over time and under pressure.
  • As long as your Jordan 1s are the right size and look the way they should, you may lace them up however you like.


What weight do you give to having your footwear represent who you are? The Jordan 1 is the best choice you can make right now. These sneakers have been a staple of hip-hop fashion for years. It is available in several widths and lengths, from infant to plus, and in an extensive range of sizes.

These sneakers are stylish and functional because of their revolutionary design, which mixes high-quality leather and synthetic materials with creative lacing techniques to improve fit and provide additional support.

You may find these chic extras for around $90 and $200. Paper, pencils, scissors, and thread are all you need to make your one-of-a-kind footwear. The length and width of your foot can be more accurately assessed if you try on shoes while wearing socks. It’s a good idea to experiment with several different lacing methods before settling on your favorite. Tying one’s shoes is required.

However, one should not overdo it. Because of their incredible cost-effectiveness and nearly limitless personalization potential, you will quickly come to rely on your Jordan 1s regularly.

Conclusion: How To Lace Up Jordan 1s the Right Way?

A timeless design, the Jordan 1s promotes individualism via apparel and self-expression. Thanks to their timeless design, excellent fit, and cozy soles, they have become quite popular in the modern era. This lesson explains how to properly lace your Jordan 1, regardless of whether you want a snug fit or a particular look.

Advice on maximizing the use of your laces and modifying the appearance of your shoes with low-cost materials is also offered. After reading this post, readers will recognize the value of using their unique style to express themselves and will take advantage of the chance to acquire confidence from fashion.

Regardless of your preferred style, rocking your Jordan 1s is simple if you follow the guidelines in this article. There are many ways to tie things up, but this tutorial will help you find the most appealing appearance while exhibiting your flair.

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